Jessica M. Levine

Metrics: Knowledge is Power

Social media, if used appropriately, can help businesses learn more about their audience in addition to creating awareness about a product or brand.  By taking advantage of the plethora of … Continue reading

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Is Curation Journalism?

I am a strong believer in a broader definition of journalism.  As long as something allows for the exchange of information and for people to engage with that information I … Continue reading

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Your Relationship Matters: Connecting Journalists and Readers

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I am going to talk about relationships.  By that I mean the relationships between news, journalists, readers and technology. New technology is affording journalists … Continue reading

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The Networked World

In the aftermath of Super Bowl 48, this photo was circulated by UW-Madison students and organizations via Twitter: This edited-picture of former Badgers Russell Wilson and Montee Ball seems to … Continue reading

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Social Media: Hero or Villain?

Social media is taking away our humanity.  At least this is what Bill Keller discusses in The Twitter Trap.  My question to Keller is how can this be true when … Continue reading

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The Lady Jaguars

“You have nine girls. My job, and Tonya’s job, [the basketball coach], and everyone’s job, is to go 9-0 with them. If you go 8-1, you’ve had a losing season,” … Continue reading

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Students Against Segregation

In the 21st century, racism and segregation exist only in history books.  At least, that is how teachers educate their students.  If this is true, why has Wilcox County High School, … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Blog

In a blogpost by The Chicago Tribune’s News Applications Developer Andy Boyle, he said, “It’s time to stop bifurcating your content as blogs and news because they run on separate … Continue reading

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Graphics and Audio in Journalism

In Chapter 9 and 11 of Al Tompkins’ “Aim for the Heart,” he discusses the power that graphics and audio have to influence public opinion in journalism and the ethical guidelines for using … Continue reading

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Writing for an Online Platform

In Chapter 13 of Al Tompkins’ “Aim for the Heart,” he discusses the strategy involved in online storytelling.  This is important to the future of journalism because recent studies concluded that … Continue reading

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